‘Your show was the best I have seen ... of any type’
Leura P.S. (NSW)

‘Fantastic! Great presentation! Your show was perfectly pitched for K-7. Professional, humorous and extremely interactive. Can you come back next year?'
Yeronga State School (QLD)

‘An outstanding, interesting and entertaining performance. Students found it very exciting and learnt a lot about forces, gases, chemical and scientific literacy ... REALLY MOTIVATING!’
Quakers Hill P.S. (NSW)

‘The students totally enjoyed the performance …they couldn’t wait to see what happened next. The show very effectively combined Science and Aboriginal Perspectives. I would recommend this performance to Primary K-6 and High School 7 & 8.’
Aboriginal Education Assistant, Wyong P.S.(NSW)

‘Kids said the following ‘Great’, ‘Fun’, ‘Mad and Educational’. Teachers said "You can have them back anytime"
Latham P.S. (ACT)

‘The Jollybops held this K-6 audience throughout the entire performance, using various methods including loud explosions, colouful experiments, unique humour and student/teacher involvement. The best in school performance we have had at the school in twenty years.’
Antonine College (VIC)

‘This performance was highly professional and maintained student engagement throughout. It was very respectful of Aboriginal people and culture. Our senior Aboriginal boys were invited to play their didgeridoo’s during the show, which they both loved.Thanks Jollybop Science Shows.’
Orana Heights Public School (Dubbo - NSW)

‘When one student was asked what they learned about science, he replied ‘EVERYTHING’’
St Joachim’s Catholic School (NSW)

‘Science is perhaps the hardest area of the syllabus to teach in primary schools. The Jollybops Science Shows cover what we couldn’t do in 30 lessons. Thank you so much and keep up the great work, making science fun!’
Narranga P.S. (Coffs Harbour - NSW)

The Jollybops received the prestigious Frater Award given by NSW DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION FOR EXCELLENCE IN TOURING SHOWS IN 2006

They were also voted most interactive show at The NSW EDUCATION EXPO IN 2007.